Monday, September 29, 2008

They're in!


  Imagine my surprise on Friday when I came back to find a stack of boxes waiting for me. My postcards! I'm glad to say I'm uber-happy with them (yellow, especially bright yellow, can be a funny color to print, FYI). Today I'm going to Staples, and the premise of buying mailing labels has never been so exciting. 

  However, for some reason I do get a thrill out of office supply stores. When I was a kid I marveled at all those pads in special colors for special jobs with special little boxes in them to check for special reasons (eh, I think you get the point). So, even now I still like to stroll the aisles looking at stuff and marveling at the super-sized jugs filled with red vines and coffee creamers for office spaces (does our office population REALLY eat that many red vines???).

On another note, I was reminded last night how AWESOME the resources are in two books: Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market and Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market (mine are both 2008 editions). They give you tons of advice, but my pay off is the client list! It tells you who the art director is, what they're looking for, what they're NOT looking for, guidelines, tips from the companies... the first one has everything from magazines and publishers to ad firms and galleries. It makes my Borders trip look like child's play. If you're new (or newish) to the freelance scene, these books are worth it.


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  2. I am a copywriter and I LOVE Writer's market. I'm a lot further along in my career now, and have a steady stream of clients, but I spent may hours pouring over those entries dreaming that I could reach out to those editors in high=paying markets. ;)

  3. they're great!

    I have tagged you!! Here is what you need to do. List 7 things about you and then tag 7 other people! Have fun!!

  4. Hey Minco,

    I love walking around Staples and looking at everything too! Stationary and school supplies are really expensive over here, and it has made me miss the convenience/ price of Staples. Today, my flat-mate bought a spiral notebook for 4.75 lbs (so like 9 dollars)!