Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Birdhouse, Batman!

It seems like artists everywhere are painting SOMETHING in the name of creating a theme. Whether it was the painted cows that sprang up across the country or one NYC show that called for a series of small taxies to be painted, painting "things" is all the rage right now. So it's no surprise that the show "Home Tweet Home" in NY features custom painted birdhouses. I was surprised how cheap these suckers are to buy on craft sites, and some friends have mentioned that maybe I should put a couple up on Etsy. They make fun art objects I must say. Will mine sell at the show?? Have no idea, but I hope so! If not it will definitely be on Etsy to find a home (tweet home).




Sunday, March 29, 2009

Minco/ alamode Collaboration

My friend Linda from alamode made these cute necklaces with my art in them! There are only a few, and hopefully in April they'll be in my shop (unless they sell before that time at an April 4th show). We have wanted to work on something for a while, but at first I was a little stumped with how to use the circle. At first it was just small icons, but in the end I think the faces worked out in a fun and clever way.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Myself on Avie Designs Blog

A little interview with me up on Avie Designs. Thanks again, Avis!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Guitar Bandit

Guitar Bandit, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Guitar Bandit is a new original painting on my etsy store. I'm glad I had fun with him, because now I'm cramming for two different gallery shows- one in St. Louis and the other in New York. With my new teaching schedule, I realize that Thursday and Fridays have to be super productive from now on. Long ago are the days where I'd sit in front of the computer getting lost in the etsy forums or catching up with my favorite TV shows on Hulu. Of course, busy and making money is the preferred way to spend my time! It's just funny that the end of 2008 was so PAINFULLY quiet and 2009 is proving to be a very VERY busy year. Let's just hope it keeps going!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Penelope, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Had a small block of time this past Thursday, so I whipped out a 5"x7" painting. I think for the next RISD sale I would like to create some more complex pieces this size rather than just the ole' character-with-a-flat-color-background-thing. You can find Penelope in my etsy shop.

Providence weather is finally bouncing between the 30's and 40's rather than the 20's and 30's which is nice. I'm already thinking of future warm plans like going to Newport or just taking a nice walk without looking like the little brother from A Christmas Story (ya know..."wait up Ralphie, wait up guys!"). Sigh...

Friday, March 13, 2009


My new eco-friendly prints are now at my etsy shop (laurenminco.etsy.com). They were made by iolabs, who has done work for KidRobot, Tiny Showcase, and MOMA. The paper is also made out of bamboo fibers, which is more green than tree-based products. There are only 5 of each image: "Heartbreak" (below), "The Right to Bear Arms", and "oh Yeah". If anything feel free to stop by and visit!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fat Cat

Fat Cat, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

The awesome UK culture mag Plan B contacted me recently to do an article for Icelandic band Storsveit Nix Noltes (Fat Cat), which takes traditional songs and warps them with their indie folk influence. Very fun image, and I enjoy the fact that Andrew, the Art Director, lets me just have fun with the imagery without being so direct.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Imago Fem show at West Side Arts gallery

Unfortunately I was not able to hit up opening night at West Side Arts in Providence. 3 paintings of mine were up, and joy oh joy, one even sold a couple of hours into the night. As you can see, it was packed! A good shot of my work is below.




(hmmmm...I want her purse.)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tree Top Gang

Tree Top Gang, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

This paining I actually did right after I got back from my Christmas vacation, but soon enough I started having so many "real" projects start stacking up that I didn't get around to scanning it until yesterday. Just a fun group of friends, hopefully all with their own fun quirks.

I definitely got my wish when I asked for 2009 to be busy with artistic action. On top of all the shows and recent illustration assignments, I took on another editorial job for UK's Plan B Magazine again. I really like doing work for them because I get to make illustrations of bands and singers that I have never heard of. The one I'm working on now covers this Icelandic folk band that has some funky aspects to it. Sketches will be up next week.

Annnnnnd I'm happy to say that I visited ioLabs and ordered the new prints that will be in my Etsy shop soon. There will be 3 different ones, and I'm very excited about finally getting some high-end, professional prints done of my work. Not only that, but they are printed on an eco-friendly bamboo paper (the process is more green than making paper out of trees apparently). Awesome art AND eco-conscious? Man, you'll be super awesome if you own one of these. I mean, move over Bradgelina. :)