Sunday, June 17, 2012

C.R. Gibson Favorites

It's amazing to think that about a year ago I was applying for my current job at C.R. Gibson. So far I have worked on many different products and licensing lines for the company, and I thought I should share a few of my favorites. Behold, some of my must-haves from CRG:

1) IOTA 

The wonderful Iota ladies in Colorado create amazing patterns and palettes for their art that goes on everything from notecards to baby bibs. With contemporary colors and a modern feel, Iota products are very popular amongst our staff.


Artist Tina Givens has created sweet watercolor illustrations and patterns for several CRG products , but Cid Pear brings her work to a whole new level when it comes to a product line featuring her whimsical imagery. A completely different look than Iota, I enjoy the handmade, high-end aesthetic and the use of feminine, delicate touches.


If you're like me, then you get scraps of paper, gift cards, and receipts everywhere. Crammed in your purse. Lost under your car seat. EVERYWHERE. My coupon keeper helps me keep everything straight, and it's probably my favorite item from an organizational viewpoint. Love it.