Sunday, October 18, 2009

Princess Sticker Book for Galison/Mudpuppy.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to see that Galison/Mudpuppy has my Princess Sticker book listed online at their site. This was a project I worked on January 2009 for their Fall line- it's full of quirky princesses, royal pets (you know animals always think they rule the house), dragons, castles, plus lots of accessories including tiaras, flowers, and shooting stars. I had a great experience making it and I'm so excited to see it in person. You can see the full listing on Galison's website.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Prints on

The truth is that I don't carry as many prints as I use to (sorry, sorry...I know). While a few are on etsy, I am happy to say that two more are available through Society6, an online community that now allows artists to sell high quality art prints through a professional third party. It's a real steal; a nice 17"x21" art print with trim is only about $32.00. Feel free to follow the link above and take a peek. All you have to do is scroll down until the two images show up and click on the orange "buy" icon.

Oh, and on another note: I will have a piece up in Soho this month! It is for a charity event and I'll be posting more information later.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ed2010: "Digital Age"

This was a piece for about editors transitioning into the digital age and abandoning the ways of print. Ironically, the topic also effects myself along with the entire illustration field as more magazines and publications are tying to move content online (for some it is a modern choice while for others a financial move). As I was working on this, I couldn't help but chuckle because my illustration students had recently worked on a very "businessy" illustration for an editorial assignment. You know, suits and ties...people in's hard to think of something not obvious and still very much artistically "you" when working with some of these topics. It was my turn! In the end I was very happy to have my editor out of the office and still very much in my world. I will say if there is one difference doing online illustration, it's that the images are usually TINY, although this one ended up looking good (and clear) in its small format. Love the color, and those are my cowboy boots.