Monday, November 29, 2010

Awesomeness all around AKA December is here?!?

Thanksgiving was spent in warm, sunny Florida where my boyfriend and I WENT TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ISLANDS OF ADVENTURES AND SAW THE HARRY POTTER WORLD! Even though my fandom for the series has settled into a comfortable fondness (10 years ago I would have been one of those fans who had to buy the t-shirt....and the scarf...and the hat...etc, etc), I truly enjoyed seeing the series brought to life. Plus, the tiny kids in wizard robes were adorable (note: those robes are $100 each. Mom and Dad's bank account was hurting after that vacation). It was so crowded that we did not get to venture into the stores, just the rides (since we were staying at a hotel on site, our room key got us to the front of the lines, baby!). I hope to post some pictures soon.

Now I'm back in Providence, and it's mind-boggling how much stuff I have to do before I go home for Christmas! My RISD and Montserrat students are finishing up their semester, I have some commissions to take care of, and there is a secret project I'm starting (shh) for a company in NYC. Oh, and let's not forget holiday shopping! Still have to get those gifts...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Respect The Mullet!

Currently I am trying to get a new 5"x7" mailer made. One was just sent out with Sedna on the front (see post below), but I usually try to make two different mailers so that I can attract different clients. I had sketched out "Mullet" a long time ago and shelved it only to come across the sketch again a year or two later. It was something that I found silly and fun (and it also featured a guy- something that I could always use more of in my portfolio), so it's the "other" mailer this time around. I'm hoping the different flavor might attract some new art directors.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Giant Fox

I'm so happy to announce that I have received my copy of Oh, Comely that includes my Lost & Found piece. The UK magazine is beautifully published, and I love the overall look and feel of it (online mags will never have that satisfying weight to them, ya know?). The current issue of Utne Reader also has an editorial piece from me (Nelson Mandela is on the cover!), so take a peek if you come across it. I produced a spot illustration for them, but I hope in the future to do a nice, meaty big one-page illustration or spread and give them a big dose of Minco.

For now, please enjoy a new piece I have done called The Giant Fox. It s based off of an inside joke/story between my boyfriend and I. At night, The Giant Fox come down from Boston and pokes his head in our apartment window. He has a giant basket which is full of treats (sometimes beer, pizza, or tea depending) and we enjoy the goodies until he returns. We're huge dorks.