Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Work.

New work! Always a joy to show new stuff (people like pictures better anyway). The top one is for a great Surface Design continuing education class I'm currently taking. This semester deals with hand painted work and then next semester utilizes using the computer. This means that I'm really trying to focus on designs and textures right now that can't be done on the computer with a simple "repeat" function. Luckily, I have enjoyed discovering many wonderful surface designers out there who make organic designs that don't have a particular repeat or pattern.

The second piece just took me a long time to scan (it was for the Summer RISD faculty show). I'll be showing it next week at West Side Arts Gallery in Providence.

In other news, Craftland in downtown Providence has sold two of my paintings as well as a bunch of prints and journals. It's a great feeling to get that check in the mail every month! Thanks to Craftland and the gang.