Sunday, October 9, 2011


Well! I have been very MIA lately because the last several weeks have been dedicated to a big development in both my artistic career and life. I am now a designer at CR Gibson, a company in the gift industry focusing on paper goods and products such as stationary, photo albums, and gift wrap, although we also tackle everything from decorative ipod cases and melamine dish ware to purses and aprons. My first week has been a wonderful learning experience when it comes to art licensing and the gift industry. I've had to move from Rhode Island to Nashville, Tennessee (spent some of my childhood in Nashville), and so far the area has been beautiful and full of wonderful experiences, plus family and old childhood friends.

In other news, I am working on a CD cover for children's music and a new children's product which I am not at liberty to talk about. It's wonderful that I can still pursue these freelance interests on the side when time allows.

Still settling into my room, which is pretty much boxes and more boxes. The two cats that share my house like to hang with me, which I think is funny since I'm more of a dog person (don't get me wrong, they're cool and I love them). They have proved to be everything from breakfast companions to fuzzy alarm clocks.

Looking forward to week number two! FYI, CR GIbson is still looking for about 3 new designers, so if you have some digital savvy and a love for Illustration and/or design, send in your resume!