Friday, May 30, 2008

My Interview at Indiefixx!

Please check out my interview at  !! It's a great blog and I'm very honored to be featured! Thanks Jen!


The painting wins. I'm redoing it. Now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me Vs Painting


So this is a painting I sketched maybe a month or two ago and really like. It's almost done, but I'm not sure if I'm diggin' the color. Originally my brain was like "navy, pink, white, lighter pink..." but I have been trying to stay away from pink and girly palettes. Funny thing is, I think this one really fits the navy/pink palette mentioned above. I might have to sleep on this one.  Hopefully in a day or two the final will be up. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I know you want pictures, but tough.

It is Memorial Day. Today, my boyfriend and I will celebrate by cleaning the apartment and fighting the terrorist that is our dirty laundry. Have at you!

On another note, I am done with teaching and have felt like I have shed my skin. This summer I will be enjoying pre-college again, and in the Fall I start teaching at Montserrat College of Art. One thing that has really helped me be successful is teaching. Jumping in out of that environment keeps my mind sharp, whether it is with business, personal goals, or the development of my art. taking my own advice (the advice I give my students) has saved me a lot of stress and anguish.  Some of the important things I've realized, especially in the last few months:

1) There are thousands of clients out there. My work will not fit all of their needs, and that's okay. I do not have to stretch my portfolio in 263 directions. I can pick the subjects/styles that make me happy and try to find clients that fit ME.

2) It's about time I got those damn books my teachers told me about!

3) Hard work always pays off, even if it's in ways you don't realize.

4) Do not be too influenced by your inspirations and likes. The world doesn't need another (insert artist's name here). They need one of YOU.

5) Connected to no. 4... no one will do your work better than you. Isn't that enough reason to find your own identity?

6) learn from your mistakes and failures. It is okay to be disappointed, even angry for a moment, but that moment has to pass.

7) Your work should make you happy. If it doesn't, something is wrong.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Etsy Pissing Contest

I like to go the Etsy forums from time to time to post and get my avatar clicked on. I respond to people asking for critiques, answer a business question from time to time, and sometimes I even like to watch the occasional bickering that happens between two members (scandalous, I know!).
However, “occasional” has seemed to turn into “all the time” which is kinda getting on my nerves. Perhaps everyone is restless now that the warm weather is taking customers away from their computers?? I’m not sure, but I do know that it’s getting really old fast. There seems to be a handful of people who like to come out of the woodwork just to be a know-it-all or shoot someone else’s opinion down, which seems silly and counter productive.
Also, in a recent thread artists were described as “doing what they want and saying what they want” plus having less-than-civil behavior. Since when did artists become pirates? I’m a little tired of the whole “I can’t be a functional member of society because I’m and artist, man!” routine. I guess I missed that class in school: Behaving Like a Disgruntled Preteen 101.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I mean business, y'all!



New online portfolio at altpick!

I recently realized that my postcard plan has one minor glitch- I can't get into the computer lab until July, which means I can't scan/send the work for the mailers until then. No biggie, because I probably need June to paint anyway.

I hit 30 sales on Etsy! That means as a new seller I'm roughly doing 10 sales per month. Awesome.

More importantly, I've decided that I needed to get all those books that a young struggling artist like me should have. I ordered 4 books, the first one that arrived from Amazon was 2008 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market. I have to admit, I didn't know how helpful it would be since it has to do a lot more with being an author, but there are so many Young Adult Publishers and magazines that the section on clients was well worth the $21. I have over 200 new Art Directors to contact! Better get painting...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back from Texas

Man, I haven't posted in a while! I spent a wonderful week with my family in Texas and was MIA from blogging and such.

This Sunday I will be in NYC for the Surtex convention rubbing shoulders (literally since it will be packed) and snatching up lots of business cards for potential clients. I have to start two new paintings so that I can make a three postcard promotion pack (puh puh puh) that will hopefully be out sometime in early July. So far there is a girl playing a guitar, and I also will do a piece I have been meaning to do for a while with little boats, and finally a portrait of Jason Schwartzman (with pigeons and tambourines of course). 

Also, the RISD art sale was great for me, profits breaking the $1000 mark!