Monday, May 26, 2008

I know you want pictures, but tough.

It is Memorial Day. Today, my boyfriend and I will celebrate by cleaning the apartment and fighting the terrorist that is our dirty laundry. Have at you!

On another note, I am done with teaching and have felt like I have shed my skin. This summer I will be enjoying pre-college again, and in the Fall I start teaching at Montserrat College of Art. One thing that has really helped me be successful is teaching. Jumping in out of that environment keeps my mind sharp, whether it is with business, personal goals, or the development of my art. taking my own advice (the advice I give my students) has saved me a lot of stress and anguish.  Some of the important things I've realized, especially in the last few months:

1) There are thousands of clients out there. My work will not fit all of their needs, and that's okay. I do not have to stretch my portfolio in 263 directions. I can pick the subjects/styles that make me happy and try to find clients that fit ME.

2) It's about time I got those damn books my teachers told me about!

3) Hard work always pays off, even if it's in ways you don't realize.

4) Do not be too influenced by your inspirations and likes. The world doesn't need another (insert artist's name here). They need one of YOU.

5) Connected to no. 4... no one will do your work better than you. Isn't that enough reason to find your own identity?

6) learn from your mistakes and failures. It is okay to be disappointed, even angry for a moment, but that moment has to pass.

7) Your work should make you happy. If it doesn't, something is wrong.


  1. Lauren, this list makes a whole lot of sense to me, and it's great to be reminded of it every now and then.

    Thank you!