Monday, May 14, 2012

Month 7

How I am happy to show you new work! It truly has been a learning experience and an awakening here in Nashville as I get cozy in month seven at C.R. Gibson. My co-workers are amazing, the hail damage to my car annoying, and I have a special someone to make my new chapter even sweeter. Some of you who have been in contact with me know that I'm getting an amazing behind-the-scenes view of surface design, the market focused on art and illustration for products like gift wrap, kitchen goods, fabrics, and paper products (think journals and stationary). I hope to soon post some helpful tips for freelance illustrators looking to submit work for consideration.

On a personal note,  when I moved here I allowed myself a full year to get comfortable with my new city and job (and I'm glad I did). However, I'm slowly creating new personal work that is positively influenced by my new job as a designer at CRG. My color palettes are getting richer and more varied, while I feel comfortable doing subject matter that is more directed by my interests rather than client-driven. In the next 6 months there should be new work (both painted and digital) that should expand upon the world of Lauren. Until then, enjoy this new colorful creation!