Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updates for Fall

Hello, hello. I'm happy to say that I am plugging away on new work and opportunities. Here is what is happening...

* Three shows coming up in Rhode Island, Florida, and New Hampshire. Details on those dates as they get closer.

* Another job for Ed2010 that will be posted soon. I'm rather happy with how it's coming out- I think it has mailer potential.

* The Fall RISD sale is October 10th and I'm working on small 5"x7" originals to sell. They are very quick and fun, and I usually get to experiment with some new things. You can see one below that turned out cute.

* My website is updated!

* Star Trek waffles rock. They are egos with a flat middle where illustrations are printed in edible ink. Currently I am eating Earth and Kirk, but I'm waiting for Spock one of these mornings. C'mon, Spock waffle!