Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weddings, booze, and art

The Masked Guitarist, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

I've just returned from a wedding in Maine (which was very lovely) and some other exciting things happened this weekend!

* I've been invited to participate in a group show in downtown Providence during November.

* people still want to buy paintings from me, hooray...and...

*My show form Omaha is over and the 12 year old daughter of the owner loves my mermaid piece (you can see it below). The lass is a little shy about the exposed breast, however, so I've been asked to make a second version, boob-free of course! I am always very honored when it's the younger crowd that falls in love with my work. I think their appreciation of things is very pure and sincere.

Above is a fun little ink sketch that has a simple colored background. I'm experimenting with some pieces like this in my Etsy store and testing how popular they are.


  1. I like them. They have a simplicity and elegance that somehow eaves so perfectly with - what I perceive as - a sense of pure whimsy.