Monday, March 17, 2008

There's always one in each class...

 I taught my second Illustration class tonight (well, technically it's "Art of Ideas" to fool the students) and I only have one kid that's really turning up a red flag. You know....messes with his phone when he thinks I'm not paying attention, is a bit defensive and seems distant while never getting his work done. I always hate having these conversations with students, because obviously I hope they really want to BE there, but next week I'm going to have to address this issue and tell him that my job is not to convince him to be there- either he wants to or not. Honestly, if he'd rather be home on the couch, I want him there, too, because having his in my classroom does not help.

 On more of an Etsy note, I'm hoping to soon join the Rhode Island Etsy Team, but according to their profile I need 10 positive feedbacks to qualify (I only have 3). Oh, RI team, don't you see that I need you to make these sales?? No, I'll get there eventually but it'll just take some time.

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