Saturday, March 8, 2008

It starts...

 I'm probably like most people on right now, a great little (well, not little) online marketplace for handmade goods, from original paintings of nudes and swearing broccoli to every thing you wanted to see on a piece of jewelry (funky beads? got it. plastic red guns? got it.). I had some friends tell me about the site and they eventually convinced me  that I should take the proverbially whack at the pinata.

So I decided to.

 I should explain a little about my background.  I  graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design in Illustration and balance being a teacher, freelance illustrator, gallery artist, and entrepreneur. Etsy is the recent roller coaster I've forced myself onto. My art is "whimsically awkward" or "awkwardly whimsical" as I like to put it, full of pattern, quirky characters including robots playing keyboards and little girls smoking. I live with my boyfriend (also an artist) in an apartment where we both have studios. He's a clean freak and I'm...flexible with my cleanliness we'll say. He gets a paycheck versus my living from art accomplishment to accomplishment. I work from our apartment and he comes home in the evening.  My family has dogs; his cats. He'll eat anything and I'm a picky eater (hey, I'm getting better). 

 Etsy was something I joined to hopefully get more exposure and of course make some serious profit.  This blog is a look into the world of etsy from behind the scenes: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Maybe you're reading for entertainment? Maybe you're reading out of curiosity? maybe you're another "etsyite" who takes comfort in knowing that other sellers are facing the everyday craziness of trying to make it on etsy, too.

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