Saturday, March 8, 2008

First Sales!

 I was lucky enough to get some advertising on the etsy site for my new shop. Very cool, because obviously the traffic is good, right?  So far I'm really organized. I put up paypal with no problems and all my printing supplies came in days earlier. I even have a filing system that works well for me: 

1) one file on the computer contains all "raw" images scanned for my prints. These are scanned images at 300 dpi that haven't been messed up with. I always have these in case I screw up a file somehow.
2) a second file contains all "etsy images" particularly for the website. All of these are resized for the site's size requirements.
3) The last file has "etsy finals". these are the 300 dpi images from before but tweaked for the relationship between my computer screen (well, my boyfriend's) and the printer (his as well). This way once I figure out the best setting for saturation, color, etc, I save that image and don't have to test and guess the next time.

  I check traffic on the site every few minutes Wednesday morning. I'm currently obsessed with the "I heart this seller" option. I see how many people mark me as a favorite. Slowly, the numbers go up  until I have roughly 13. Not bad for my first day I think. Nothing exciting happens. Thursday rolls around and I know my article is going up. I'm actually busy sending a portfolio to an art rep when I see two emails I don't recognize. Then I realize they are...payments? have I sold something? Yup. 4 prints! I realize my day suddenly got busier. I go online and see the article. One image has 300 views and I have about 60 "heart this seller" icons. I send out emails confirming the orders and when the items will be shipped. Tomorrow I say. That night I buy some more ink and look forward to my first batch of sales not knowing that it will end up being more difficult than I thought.

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