Friday, November 8, 2013

Lilla Rogers' MATS Class Part B: WEEK 4

Week 4 in Make Art That Sells covered Editorial Illustration. This is definitely the area of illustration that I live in right now- books, magazine articles, advertisements. In fact, the first college class I taught ever centered around Editorial Illustration!

Lilla asked each artist to do a map of the city or town that they currently live in. For me, this meant Nashville. The funny thing is, I already did a map of Nashville last Spring for Nfocus Magazine! Of course, there were going to naturally be differences (Nfocus asked me to illustrate the best picnic spots around town). Still, I was a little nervous because I wasn't 100% happy with the map I did for them. So this time around there was a little added pressure to redeem myself! And you know what? I think I managed that. This is a large gouache painting, and I'm really happy how I was able to make it so much more "me" with the characters and all the little icons that are snuck in there (like the bike and picnic basket. Also love the "This Way" speech bubble/arrow idea. I want to use that more!).

Working on the LAST WEEK of Lilla's class! I wish she offered a Part C!

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