Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

The holiday season has come and gone, and it was great to be down in Texas with family for a while. Even with all the craziness, I found it to be a good time to achieve some clarity on issues (and isn't that a great way to start the year- with clarity?).

I'm back in Providence and some gallery appearances await my artwork, including the department show at Montserrat College of Art where I'll be showing as faculty. The theme? Wild Wild West! Around the same time, the RISD Faculty Biennial will be up in the mueseum. I think the piece above is the one I will submit for that show.

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  1. Hey Lauren! I JUST saw that you left a very nice comment in my picture of Lust Chicken back in October. Thank you! It feels weird now knowing that my work was shown to people I don't know.
    And also, I love all of your work! Looking through your bog is fun. Hopin your classes will never be as good as that faithful class in the summer of 2010

    p.s.: I told the story about that text I accidentally sent you to a group of my friends while exchanging embarassing stories and they thought it was hillarious.