Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Prints on

The truth is that I don't carry as many prints as I use to (sorry, sorry...I know). While a few are on etsy, I am happy to say that two more are available through Society6, an online community that now allows artists to sell high quality art prints through a professional third party. It's a real steal; a nice 17"x21" art print with trim is only about $32.00. Feel free to follow the link above and take a peek. All you have to do is scroll down until the two images show up and click on the orange "buy" icon.

Oh, and on another note: I will have a piece up in Soho this month! It is for a charity event and I'll be posting more information later.


  1. Your work is amazing. I think "The Right To Bear Arms" is my favorite.

  2. Thanks! That's a personal favorite of mine, too. I'm in love with the horrible pun.