Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Rain, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Whoo! I took a needed vacation for most of August- saw my family in Texas and recharged my batteries. In a week I start teaching Editorial Illustration at Montserrat and I'm trying to get all my paperwork in for this past pre-college session as well as RISD and Montserrat for the Fall semesters (why do W4 forms always trip me up no matter how many times I do them?).

About 3 weeks ago my poor laptop finally died due to a crashed hard drive, but luckily the most important stuff that I use for etsy and such was backed up on my boyfriend's computer. I still lost most of my music and some photos, however. Back up your files, people. RIGHT NOW.

I'm preparing for the September TINY ART SHOW at Nahcotta Gallery in NH. Above is another piece for it, and yesterday I painted a little diddy that might actually replace another painting for a mailer! Imagine that? Beginning of next month will be mailer month, along with painting for the RISD Alumni and Student Art Sale in October. There should be lots of new images on my blog during that time, so come and take a look!


  1. That is crappy that you lost your computer files...I have most, but not all backed up.

    Welcome back from vacation!

  2. Time goes by so fast, too fast. Sorry to hear bout the puter. Great new piece and I love Mi Amor!