Thursday, August 28, 2008

The day before....

Talk to Me, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

In 24 hours I can see myself: I'll be dropping off paperwork, making sure my laptop works with the digital projector in my classroom, trying to scrounge up some coffee, and making copies of assignments . Of course, this will all happen while being mistaken for a student in the office I'm sure.

"The coffee isn't for students, MISS".

"Oh, I'm a teacher. I'm new."


 Meanwhile, what I thought was going to be a laid back day is starting out to be a bit of a whirlwind. I'm doing laundry, getting software up and running on my new laptop after the old one crashed, finishing assignment sheets and paperwork, AND trying to straighten up the apartment because I promised my boyfriend I'd get a head start on tidying up. The last one is a bit annoying because even though I work from home it's hard to explain to him THAT I AM WORKING. No, I'm not just relaxing watching TV, sweetie, and yes, I didn't have time to wash the dishes. I know my office is 20 feet away, but as I said before I am WORKING and I have to pay my half of the rent! Anyway...I'm hoping the rush I'm experiencing will mean I end up finishing early. Go go gadget hands!