Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Interview with Amy Ng of Pikaland

Hey there! Back from vacation and ready to get back in the studio. I have been busy plugging away at Surtex, and I'm starting to see it all come together! Although I'm busy making art, April is the month I have to start thinking about promotional mailings and contacting clients so they know I'll be there, printing banners for my booth, updating my website….phew! It's going to be a busy month.

In other news, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Amy Ng. She founded the Illustration blog Pikaland six years ago, and if you aren't familiar with the site I recommend checking it out. Amy was a magazine editor and illustration lover who now teaches her views on contemporary illustration and marketing in college classrooms and online at Pikaland. She also has an awesome e-course called Work/Art/Play that will be starting it's second run in September (link on the site).

The interview is on Happy Happy Art Collective's blog. Check it out!

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