Tuesday, August 13, 2013

About C.R. Gibson

A fun side project at C.R. Gibson that I got to do was update our "about" page (and in my style, too!) It was a monster of an infographic (especially when it had to read on a scrolling computer screen and not as a single illustration- won't even get into all the design obstacles there!). In the end, I had a good time coming up with all the product doodles in the background and what my co-worker and I fondly nicknamed "Johnny G" at the bottom of the infographic. Check it out on CRG's website.

In other news, I hope to soon post all the work I did in Lilla Rogers' online class Make Art That Sells. I start Part B in October and CAN'T WAIT!!!!!


  1. Lauren, Such a great job. Really hipped up the site and overall look for the company! Love the Johnny G
    character...too cute.

  2. Love this image! BTW, the URL has changed; should be http://www.crgibson.com/company/about-us/

    See you at Assignment Bootcamp with Lilla!

  3. Thanks for the head's up Joanne! It's been a while so it looks like they moved it. Updated the link. :)