Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Illustrator meeting

I. Have. So. Much. To. Do.

Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit...but I am busy. My mailers are in and I'm pouring over my client list to edit and update- so far I've weeded out several people that I realize I'm just wasting mailers (and stamps) on. I actually will try to be more heavy on the publishing side this round. However, not for picture books, just more juvenile covers for young adults and novelty items. I FINALLY got Dreamweaver back, which means that my poor website can be updated with a bunch of new work that has only appeared on my blog.

Oh, and did I mention I start teaching college again on Monday?

In other exciting news, I am meeting tonight with some local illustrators to have a drink, talk shop, and share some war stories. One is Allison Cole, who is an illustrator, Art Director at Providence Monthly, and also runs the awesome online store Bang Bang You're Thread that has everything from her illustrated stationary and comics to handmade bags and wallets. Along for the ride is also Jyll Ethier-Mullen who runs the West Side Arts Gallery in Providence. We hope to join forces, combine our illustrative power,, you get the point.


Allison Cole


Jyll Ethier-Mullen


  1. Oh, I heart the veggies. That is so wonderful.

  2. Veggie illo. quite adorable. Hope you guys combine forces and kick illustration ass in Providence!
    I enjoyed reading through you blog (first time visitor). Will be checking in more, for sure!

  3. trying. not. to. be. jealous.

    :) excited for you & students, for artists uniting(!), and for the whirlwind activity buzzing about you.
    keep whirring out there!

  4. Yes, you certainly do have a lot going on. But keeping busy keeps the mind churning out ideas and inspirations.