Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goodbye Plan B


Can we talk about where I've been? It's been so hectic around here that I'm ashamed I've ignored my bloggity blog. Here's a quick update along with some notes.

* Goodbye to Plan B Magazine in the UK. Because of the economy, they made the hard (but noble) decision to end on a high note instead of sacrificing their quality and vision. I worked with Andrew, their Art Director, over the last year and admired all the artists who provided their art for free to help support the magazine when times got tough. I wish all the Plan B employees luck in starting a new chapter in their lives.

* I will have another piece in a group show in LA for August. You can see my work in Providence at West Side Arts this month.

* Working on another illo for Providence Monthly, this one about Providence Pin-up, a local studio that recreates custom photos for you with that pin-up feel.

* I am teaching Pre-College again this summer and that has taken up most of my time, but I love it!

* Goodbye to the King of Pop, a talented artist and entertainer. The first item of music I ever owned was when my mom bought me Dangerous as a cassette tape, and that was on anytime we were in the car. ANYTIME. I'm pretty sure I demanded it.

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  1. ooh.. so many great magazines going under lately! eep! love your work! ;)