Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bike, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

It's a quiet, cloudy Thursday- perfect for a sweatpants-kind-a-day of preparing for the Surtex stationary and licensing show in NYC this Sunday. I'm hoping to have three custom "packages" for Dark Horse, Chronicle, and Lilla Rogers Studio, and then I'll be making some simpler packets for other people I run into during the show (and by packets I mean let's put all my 4"x6" mailers in a clear envelope and hope art directors don't chuck them in the trash the first moment they get).

I went last year and it definitely was a crazy time. First of all- it's HUGE. I've never seen a more concentrated grouping of patchwork snowmen, beach landscapes, and cute critters trying to teach me my ABC's. I'm crossing my fingers and wearing walking shoes. Wish me luck!


  1. Here's wishing you luck.
    Big time trade shows can be daunting and exhausting. It's a lot of work talking up potential customers and forever is very unnatural to have to smile for 8 or 10 hours straight...the face isn't meant to do that !
    And thanks for visiting my blog...I ended up spending most of the day looking at and reading people's blogs...was fun but more or less shot my day ! :)

  2. The bike is so cute...what makes it is the flag - wonderful. I remember those orange flags!