Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beauty Counter for Providence Monthly

Beauty Counter, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Yikes, I haven't been around much! Thanks to AD Allison Cole for another whack at illustrating for Providence Monthly (it's so nice to see my artwork locally since it's sometimes published far far away from my stomping grounds). This time around it was for an article about shopping at department store cosmetic counters. I'm pretty happy with the with it turned out because:

a) I wanted to try a horizontal composition in a pulled out "scene" with an environment- this was a perfect opportunity.

b) Wanted to try this bluish palette!

c) I have done a lot of different markets so far, but beauty & fashion is something newish that I would like to try with my fun characters. My portfolio needed a piece like this if I ever want to get hired for those jobs in the future. Mexican wrestlers and beheaded girls don't scream COSMO, ya' know.

FYI, May 2nd is not only my birthday (the big 25 that brings in the Quarter Life Crisis I've been told-all the rage), but also the Spring RISD Alumni Sale. I'll be there ALL DAY for once, a rare sight since I'm usually teaching. If you're in Providence that day please swing by Benefit Street!


  1. Love your work because:
    1.) It's delightful
    2.) You "nailed" the beauty counter
    3.) It's whimsical and fun
    but I think I really connect because:
    1.) My birthday is also May 2nd
    2.) I am also a teacher
    Perhaps that day means something special...I always thought so anyhow.

  2. What a cool picture you illustrated. Great beauty counter. Love your blog.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  3. I never had a quarter life crisis, although I don't know if anyone thought of that when I was 25...
    My crisis came at 31.