Thursday, February 26, 2009

oh Yeah, OR Top Chef Finale!

oh Yeah, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

This is a painting for an upcoming show at Machines With Magnets Gallery in Pawtucket, RI. I might try to do one more, piece, but I'm not sure! There's so much to do...


On another note, I was super angry to see Casey sabotage Carla's chances of winning Top Chef season 5. No, Carla! She lost for a reason! So of course, the first dishes that were 100% Carla were well received by the judges, but anything that Casey touched fell flat (or bubbled if it was the souffle). I was hoping Carla would "hold onto the love child!", but in the end she was swayed by Casey and made some bad decisions.

Hosea was my second choice to win, mainly because I dislike Stefan. My friends and I agree that Stefan is uber talented, but we just didn't like him as much due to his cocky attitude (and it oddly mirrored Kenley's lasting negative presence on the most recent Project Runway. Bad attitudes just turn us off I guess). So in the end I tip off my hat to Hosea, but I hope Carla wins the $10,000 "Fan Favorite" prize.

In the words of Carla: "and he wants PEEEEAS!".


  1. What a fun painting...hope you have time to get another done :)

  2. I'm so happy that there are other people who geek out over top chef! I too was rooting for Carla, and sad to see her loose.

  3. I know no one liked him, but I'm from Boulder, and man, that boy makes a good dish.

    Love the painting too, btw!

  4. awww, we liked him! Even though our no.1 didn't win, we were still very happy in the end. Obviously he earned it. :)

  5. I totally agree...I was rooting for Carla...and with HER dishes, I was feeling the love.