Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Moonlighting" for Ed2010.com

Moonlighting, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Here is my first completed job for ed2010.com (you can go there to see it on the homepage). The article was about writers freelancing while not getting caught by their day job. Fate had it that I was messing around with an illustration featuring a "mystery writer", so I pitched it to the AD and luckily she thought it was perfect!

I'm trying to use line sparingly and in different colors, much like some of my earlier work, and I'm playing around with textures and brushstroke like in the yellow background. My favorite part is the contrast between her hair and the black mask. This arrangement with ed2010.com is exciting because I'm hoping to use the opportunity to try some new things. Hopefully the next project will be assigned in the near future.


  1. this reminds me of my neice.
    she was playing doctor holding a pad of paper and writing scribbles and nodding her head saying uh huh,,mmm hmm..ok. and giving me a check up. then finally she says "youre dead"

    i was like WHAT? BUT IM RIGHT HERE

    mmhmm looks around and touches me.

    youre dead.

  2. ha ha! Now she just needs to have a really messy signature!

  3. Congrats, and great job!

    And thanks for pointing out a terrific resource in that website too :) I just hearted your shop, and will be back to see more. Keep on truckin' and kudos to you for doing what you love. Ain't we lucky?!