Monday, November 24, 2008

The Biro Family

The Biro Family, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Above is a commission I did for the holidays! It's actually for the same couple who asked for the wedding gift portrait waaaaay back in Spring. I hope the clan enjoys the big surprise.

AAAAAAAAgh. This is just NOT my day. Know where I'm suppose to be??? On a plane. To Florida. Right now. I was so swamped this past month that I got confused and thought I was leaving tomorrow. Of course I have a $120 rebooking fee I have to suffer, and to add insult to injury I found out TODAY I could have booked a ticket for $188 last minute and have been fine. So much for that whole "early bird" philosophy. I just got a big soggy worm. At least the extra $$$ from said commission takes care of my expensive mistake.