Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plan B Magazine

I'm working on my first editorial piece for the UK! This means after it's done I can say I am an internationally published illustrator. Only takes one, right?

The assignment is for Plan B Magazine, which is a youthful culture magazine (not the emergency birth control like so many people are quick to notice). I get to do their music section which has been a job I've always wanted. In this issue they're covering female vocalists, and I have to admit I haven't heard of ANY of the bands/artists in the article (but they are all pretty cool). Here are the sketches.


Singer Lia Ices as a songbird.


Hilde Marie Kjersern and her "spooky voice".

Andrew, the art director, gave me permission to do whatever I wanted and in the end he liked the songbird one (so did I). It's due Nov 5th. I'll post the final next week!