Thursday, September 18, 2008

Express Yourself

Express Yourself, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Ladies and gentlemen, my website is updated! To celebrate, I'm blogging about a piece that is finally ON the website even though it was made more than a year ago. It didn't get uploaded because the original is 18"x24" and I just never got around to scanning the sucker. Behold it's online debut!

This is based off of an old assignment I had about the phrase "Say Something". To update the concept I simply changed the phrase a little bit to "Express Yourself" (although cue the Madonna song, right?). I really wanted to do the dragon, but for some reason I kept trying to convince myself that it "wasn't meant for my style". At that point I knew it was do or die time. Besides, if I started to doubt myself, I knew I wasn't going to take the necessary risks an artist/ illustrator has to.

Lauren 1, Dragon 0.


  1. You are talented! These are really beautiful.

  2. That is really amazing, love it!

  3. That caught my eye right away. I think it looks great.

  4. Super Nice Lauren.

    Can I date him? Dragons and nerdy boys? My weaknesses... trollop!