Friday, August 14, 2009

OTAD update

Self-Portrait, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

One Thing a Day (OTAD) is working well. I'm moving on to revamping my website and creating some new paintings that will go up as portfolio pieces ( they will also be for sale in Providence at Craftland).

Above is an image from...ooooh, 2004? It was my sophomore year final for my first oil painting class. A little different from my current work, isn't t?


  1. oh wow.. totally different from you current work! i would not want to mess with that lady's strawberries!

  2. bittersweet. i've had days like that. love the painting, and the one thing a day. i'm going to try it.

  3. Yes totally different but still pretty good! Reminds me of me in college before I "found" myself.

  4. Cool self portrait!

    Thanks for posting on my etsy blog thread.

  5. WOW, fascinating and very well done portrait!!! :D