Friday, March 20, 2009

Guitar Bandit

Guitar Bandit, originally uploaded by lauren minco.

Guitar Bandit is a new original painting on my etsy store. I'm glad I had fun with him, because now I'm cramming for two different gallery shows- one in St. Louis and the other in New York. With my new teaching schedule, I realize that Thursday and Fridays have to be super productive from now on. Long ago are the days where I'd sit in front of the computer getting lost in the etsy forums or catching up with my favorite TV shows on Hulu. Of course, busy and making money is the preferred way to spend my time! It's just funny that the end of 2008 was so PAINFULLY quiet and 2009 is proving to be a very VERY busy year. Let's just hope it keeps going!


  1. that's great news of success! where will your work be showing in new york??

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  3. That was me above accidently posting under my students' blog profile. Oops! Anyway, the show is at Genuine Artikle gallery in Ronkonkoma, NY (haven't made it to Chelsea yet! ha).