Friday, June 6, 2008

TGIF, mate.

Ok, it's not like Fridays around here are really a big deal since I don't have a nine to five job. Actually,  I taught on Saturday mornings in the past and it usually was a little sad because I couldn't celebrate like my friends did. No, Friday nights represented early bedtimes and morning panics. Luckily those days are gone!

I can still feel the need  for the week to be over, however. My boyfriend and I need to go grocery shopping desperately this weekend (please honey?) and there will be duck pin bowling with $1.00 beer/$.50 hotdogs. Today I just wrapped up the cover image for CROQ issue #12! I feel like I can't really post it yet (cheating maybe?). I will wait for it to come out and then let everyone know. I do like the final image- two girls painting on each other (sounds kinda sexy, doesn't it? It's not).

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  1. Hey Lauren just wanted to pop by and let you know I blogged about your Sisters Print today and included them in an Etsy Finds article about conjoined twins! Hope you dig it as much as I dig your art.